Last Parties in Hollywood of 2011

Hello Friends,
very soon is the New Year eve, I’m so excited! I will have so many surprises for the upcoming year…
By the way few weeks ago I made a new friend over facebook named Alex from Paris, he is a promoter in Los Angeles and we went out together with  his beautiful girlfriend to CATHOUSE club in Hollywood. It made me very happy to have made new friends.
The video for the outfit I wore tonight : CLICK HERE
 The day afterwards Alex invited me to AGENCY club in Hollywood which is the best club on a Tuesday night and just opened 3 weeks ago. I really enjoyed the atmosphere and as you may see, I am surrounded by many beautiful girls at the table.
What I wore tonight is black studded bebe dress with a matching studded Versace bag and red matching studded shoes representing rock and roll style. CLICK HERE to see the video.
In the middle of the dancefloor while I was dancing a young guy approached me and invited me to his table and he recognized from my trip to Los Angeles 3 years ago, he had such a good memory because I didn’t remember him. 
After I came out from the club, I saw so many hotdog stands and It was always my wish to try an authentic Hollywood hotdog after the nightclub. It was grilled onions ketchup , mustard , bacon and hotdog to perfection.
The guy who recognized me from my trip in LA 3 years ago! lol

Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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