2 Day in Venice: Teatro LA FENICE, Palazzo FORTUNY & Collezione GUGGENHEIM

My second day in Venice was very intense, I went to visit the La Fenice Theatre, Palazzo Fortuny, and finally the Guggenheim Collection.
LA FENICE Theater was built in 1789, was originally a private theater, its history has not been very lucky over the centuries, the theater suffered several fires, including the last in 1996 and subsequently renewed in 2003 as currently seen in the photos.

Playing the piano in the Apollonian room and thinking about….

Walking in the Venice street I cross a very cute and traditional market

Palazzo Fortuny, Ancient Gothic palace belonged to the Pesaro family, was bought by Mariano Fortuny to make their home and studio photography, art direction and set design, creation of textile, painting of all these functions it retains environments and structures, upholstery collections: from the collection of paintings, with precious fabrics that cover the walls completely, the famous lamps, all attest to the brilliant inspiration of the artist.

Do you think are clothes???

 NO! They are wood sculptures!!
What about this?? I found it in an Art-Gallery!

Finnaly I arrived to the Guggenheim Collection; I found it very interesting!
This below is a Wish tree created by YOKO ONO for Peggy Guggenheim
Peggy Guggenheim & their dog Tomb

In the evening I went to see the OPERA & CONCERTO: I Musici Veneziani
to see I Musici Veneziani post CLICK HERE

Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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