After spending a wonderful day in Como, for the ComON Initiative, the first creativity sharing system on a European scale which aims to identify and provide support to the most promising talents in the fashion, design and arts fields, I have been to the beautiful VILLA D’ESTE Hotel for a drink with the talented designer Jean Marie DE SAINT ANGE.
ComON is a unique and exclusive project which came into being under the aegis of Confindustria Como  and thanks to the intuition of a group of young entrepreneurs, whose objective was that of creating a platform for cultural exchange, not so much or not only a permanent training workshop and talent scouting initiative, but rather a hub of European creativity, a practiced crossroads of insight able to assist the young in discovering their own paths and which finds in Como, with its extraordinary traditions and vocation, its natural setting.
Jean Marie & I at Villa d’Este
Jean Marie DE SAINT ANGE the best designer in France!!

Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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