The new bag of Dior: MISS DIOR

Today has arrived in all the Dior’s boutiques of the world the new MISS DIOR bag. This is the one I saw in Dior boutique in Cannes, French Riviera.

The new MISS DIOR is an heritage drawn from Dior spirit…
In 1949 was created the the MISS DIOR Dress (Haute Couture Creation). This dress embroidered with a thousand flowers recapturing all the olfactory ingedients in the Miss Dior Perfume.
The MISS DIOR Perfume created by Monsieur Dior in 1947 for his first Haute Couture show. MISS DIOR was the perfumeof tearooms, debutante balls and dances.
Christian Dior said: “I created this perfume to shroud each woman in exquisite femininity, as if each one of my dresses was coming out of a bottle one by one”.
MISS DIOR was also the name of the first Ready-to-Wear collection.
The woman who wears MISS DIOR is a woman who has fun with fashion, is free-spirited and leads a very full life. Is the incarnation of the CHIC PARISIENNE: she is elegant, sophisticated and precious; she is also free, funny, liberated and versatile, her beauty is natural and her attitude depends on her mood. (just like me! Lol)
MISS DIOR Advertising campaigne:

Testimonial of this ADV Campaigne: Marion Cotillard
Personnaly I find this advertising campaigne too much melencholic.
By the way MISS DIOR have a wonderful savoir-faire:
Each piece is elaborated individually. The assembly is exclusively handmade by an expert craftsman. One coplete day’s work is required for a MISS DIOR handbag.
what to you think? Do you like it?

Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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